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Born and raised in the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, Kiana invested her teenage years into refining her craft as a singer and songwriter. Alone in her room with nothing but a keyboard, her voice, and a mixture of records, both old and new, Ledé harnessed her time to tap into the rich musical history of her diverse family heritage. A true mix of cultures, African, Swedish, Latino and Native American, Kiana spent years creating her own unique vocal sound into a natural blend of these global, expressive influences.

On her own at the age of 16 with no money to her name, Kiana moved to LA where she found a new sense of self in its creative scene, performing at poetry slams, honing her performance skills and her own now signature personal-style.

She quickly made her mark in Hollywood and beyond, with a starring role on MTV’s hit TV series ‘Scream,”a major recording deal with Republic Records, 2 #1’s on the coveted, Spotify Global Viral- Chart and a single in the upcoming blockbuster movie franchise, “50 Shades.” Her current single "FairPlay Ft Asap Ferg" is at radio now and her EP "Selfless" was released to wide critical acclaim in July 2018.  The 7 song body of work showcases Kiana's incredible vocal range, song-writing craft and takes the listener through a journey of broken relationships, honest reflections and powerful images. 

Kiana is also co-staring in the super-hot Netflix/Dreamworks property "All about the Washington's" starring rap icon, Rev Run. "All about the Washington's" premiers August 10th on Netflix world wide.

Kiana is a vocal powerhouse, at once reminiscent of the great R&B diva’s in history with her incredible and intricate dips and dives, while at the same time strangely vulnerable and intimate in the way classic folk singers can be.

Artistically, Kiana is all about woman-power! Her modern feminist stance and strong political views are contrasted against her cool and pretty boho-70’s style. Never one to shy away from a fight, Kiana takes to task many issues she see’s in today’s world, while amazingly, never alienating the listener. This gift, to both be strong and sensitive, to draw people in and disarm them is part of what makes Kiana a world class song-writer and new-world leader. Her vision of the world is clear and her sense of what is right is something she fights for daily.

In many ways, with her seamless tap-dance between acting, activism, musicianship and artistic vision, Kiana is a throwback to the days when the GREAT artists could do it all, and yet she feels completely current and new. Her R&B leaning, swagged- out songs stand firmly rooted in today’s urban culture and yet she leans the listener forward with her urgent. Powerful whispers of the NOW and FUTURE.